Facebook Unblocker v3.8

What is Facebook unblocker?

Facebook unblocker will help you unblock if someone has blocked your account. It helps a lot if you need someone and that person has blocked your facebook account for something. I found this hack tool and I want to share it with you because I think if I help you now, you’ll help me later.

Facebook unblocker

How it works ?

It’s pretty simple to use. First you need to download Facebook unblocker using the download button. After you download it you need to open the tool. Then you write the url of the facebook account you want to unblock and press Unblock. So it pretty much goes like this:

1. Download
2. Open
3. Enter Facebook url
4. Press Unlbock

After you press Unblock, you’ll wait until the tool makes the magic and your account will be unblocked.

Why do you need this tool?

Well if you need someone who has already blocked your facebook account, if someone blocked you and you need to explain something. The best thing is if someone block your facebook account you can unblock it and they won’t be able to block you another 48 hours. Once you get your account unblocked, it’s on your own.


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